The Crescera team consists of a balanced mix of financial experts. We complement each other from our background, experience and network in such a way that we know the market like no other. In addition, we work very closely with 1602 Capital Partners, specialists in the field of mergers and acquisitions. This enables us to always realize suitable financing for you, at the best possible conditions.

Arie Breekland

+31 6 138 92 349

Achieving the optimal result for my customers is what gives me energy. I like to combine sharp analyzes with creative ideas to find solutions that are supported by all your stakeholders. At PwC I advised companies and institutions in obtaining new financing, restructuring of their balancesheet and accelerated M&A. My extensive experience in lending and financial restructuring at Rabobank and PwC enables me to help you find suitable financing.

  • Hands-on, straightforward approach
  • 10 years of experience with corporate finance in retail, food & agri, real estate and healthcare
  • Wide network of banks, (hedge) funds and PE

Tom Bregman

+31 6 237 18 207

My expertise includes companies from the business services, hotel industry, retail, healthcare, real estate and trading companies. Negotiating to achieve an optimal result with which all parties are comfortable has the highest priority for me. These qualities were also indispensable in the position of restructurer at Rabobank, where I worked for seven years until 2018. Flexibility and an eye for the customer on the one hand and knowledge of the financing market on the other ensure that I realize the right deal for you.

  • Ability to bridge differences and close deals
  • Strategic discussion partner
  • Customer interests always come first

Arjan de Wit

+31 6 129 79 927

In the seven years up to January 2018, I was responsible at Rabobank Financial Restructuring & Recovery (FR&R) for various restructuring transactions of international listed and medium-sized companies and a member of the credit committee within FR&R. With sharp analyzes I’m able to reduce complex problems to the core. My solutions are original, durable and based on extensive knowledge of the various financing options. As your debt advisor, I make optimal use of my extensive network and knowledge of the (re)financing market for you.

  • 20 years of banking experience with clients from small business to publicly traded
  • Knows all the options for business financing
  • Finds original solutions

1602 capital.

Dennis van der Linde

+31 6 638 827 847

Dennis has over 12 years of experience in financial advice and M&A. He started his career at PwC and specialized in the Real Estate, Consumers and Old Economies sector. During his career he worked for PwC, RJ Partners and Acomo NV before joining 1602 Capital. In his last position he was Head of Corporate Development and M&A at Acomo Group and responsible for the global growth strategy. In addition to typical M&A experience, Dennis brings enormous operational knowledge and experience.

  • M&A Advisory
  • Corporate Development

Jean-Luc Zeguers

+31 6 653 199 738

Jean-Luc has over 22 years of experience in Corporate Finance, Investment Banking and Private Equity. Jean-Luc started his career at ABN Amro, where he worked for 10 years. Finally as Co-Head of the Global Consumer team. Jean-Luc then moved to ING as Managing Director of their Corporate Finance group. From ING he switched to Merrill Lynch to manage their M&A activities in the Benelux. He then joined PwC and Dasym before founding 1602 Capital. Jean-Luc brings a powerful network and extensive expertise and experience in deal making and structuring.

• M&A
• Private Equity
• Strategic Advisory