If your company is faced with headwinds as a result of market developments, Covid-19, legislative changes and/or economic circumstances, you may need extra financial headroom. Crescera is specialized to provide you with that space in a responsible manner.

Different solutions

In the event of a headwind, the financing structure may also have to be adjusted in addition to a temporary easing of the conditions. This can be done, for example, by exchanging debt for more risk-bearing capital, by tapping into alternative financing sources or by raising risk-bearing capital. Our expertise therefore covers the entire range of possible financing solutions, from both debt and equity.

Expert guidance

In the years that we have worked in the restructuring practice of banks, we have experienced that no matter how complicated the starting position is, there are always solutions. We are happy to help you by assisting you or acting on your behalf in discussions with (existing) financiers, by making contact with the right capital providers and/or by organizing and guiding any accelerated M&A process

What can you expect from us:

  • Overview and understanding of all relevant disciplines (restructuring, accelerated M&A and attracting emergency loans)
  • Knowledge and experience with the legal frameworks for restructuring, including the WHOA
  • Experienced discussion partners in negotiations with the financier(s)
  • Elaboration of various restructuring proposals
  • Full management of the restructuring or sales process (accelerated M&A)

Does your organization need restructuring?

Crescera is happy to help you with the financial restructuring. We think along with you to help your organization recover and prepare for the future. Contact us by calling +31 20 211 7666, or mail to