Business Review & Valuation

Whenever you are making choices with considerable financial impact, we are your partner in assessing the organisation’s position and uncovering the opportunities for value creation.

Position assessment

Well-considered choices about the direction of an organisation require profound insight in the market position of your organisation and the drivers of its performance – commercial, operational, technological and financial. A Business Review provides the required insights in the organisation’s possibilities, limitations and challenges in relation to key developments in its environment.

Decision making and execution

Based on these insights, we help you to make the right choices about the future direction of your organisation (Strategy Advisory). We make sure that all choices are translated into concrete plans and actions, offering your organisation practical guidance for execution.

Business Valuation

Ongoing insight in your organisation’s value performance is an important steering tool, and so is insight in the value-impact of strategic decisions. Crescera is highly skilled in assessing your organisation’s value performance and business cases, both in situations of growth and downturn or distress.

What to expect:

  • Skilled and experienced guidance throughout the process
  • Our team makes a strong team with your organisation
  • Thoroughly calculated plans, offering a sharp view of your organisation’s future financial performance and position
  • Well-defined improvement projects, ready for implementation

Interested in the possibilities of Business Review & Valuation?

Crescera is happy to talk to you and explore the possibilities. Our goal is to build a lasting relationship in which we help you to achieve the growth objectives of your company. Contact us by calling +31 20 211 7666. Or email us at