Crescera knows the way within the financing market

Crescera advises Dutch companies and healthcare institutions in the field of debt advisory and financial restructuring. We are fully focused on strengthening the financial position of your company, irrespective of the phase your organization is in. Leveraging on our knowledge, experience and extensive network, we know our way within the financing market, so that we can always serve you purposefully and effectively.

Our disciplines.

Debt advisory
  • Assistance in attracting new loans and refinancing
  • Together with the company, we determine a suitable financing structure
  • We achieve the best conditions by negotiating with several financiers
  • We work with both banks and alternative financiers
  • Provide insight into the options for companies that are exploring in dire straits
  • Investigate alternatives to restructuring such as alternative sources of financing
  • Supervision of both operational and financial restructuring, including the WHOA
  • We are experienced sparring partners in negotiations with financiers
Business Review & Valuation
  • With a Business Review we analyze in an efficient and thorough way how the company is doing
  • Provides insight into where the opportunities, limitations and challenges of the company lie
  • A clear, independent analysis that provides clarity for all stakeholders
  • Calculating far-reaching strategic choices and assistance with implementation

What we offer.



We know all the possibilities within the financial markets and ensure optimal financing conditions for your organization.



Our years of experience enable us to negotiate competitive terms and favorable conditions for you.



We always realize optimal financing conditions that give your company the space to achieve its goals.



With a broad team that can scale up quickly, we guarantee a fast, hands-on execution of your transaction.

About us.

We ensure that you get a grip on the future of your organization with a well-thought-out strategy and a business plan that offers something to hold on to for your organization and your financiers. A business plan that demonstrates how your organization creates long-term value for your stakeholders and convinces critical financiers to get involved. We arrange the best possible financing based on our many years of banking experience and unique knowledge of the market. Together with you, we ensure that your organization makes the value leap that you envision.